Here is a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to read.

  • Is this ICO a SCAM (Are you scammers)?
    Absolutely not. Unfortunately, the ICO phenomenon is very fashionable and
    there are many and can be disorienting. But we are just people who have had an idea, have tried to put it into practice, saw that it worked, have perfected it and made a beta application that actually works.
    We need funds to be able to really devote to the development of an application in beta to make it into adulthood and more and more useful.
    Through the ICO We are looking for funding and simply ask you confidence, but not in us. But in the project. We would like make a good product that will be useful to many traders. It's easier than you might think.
    We can show that he scammers? Unfortunately not. This is the truth. We don’t have behind banks, or institutions. There is only one way: just read everything.
    Think about it. Evaluate for good opportunities.
    If you wish, we are here. Aided by escrow and advisor who believe in us.
    If you think it's not worth it or not that is risky ... It's okay.
    We love the same
  • Why CFT tokens are pre-mined?
    When we made the ICO project we wanted to focus not on the implementation of the CFT token but give value to the application that is the real aim of the ICO. To do this we have decided to allow you to subscribe only through the CFT. In this way there will be an increasing need for CFT and therefore the value will increase.
    The real investment for people who join the ICO is just that. The development of a CFT market combined with the ability to use the Cryptoforecast service when it becomes available.
  • But if your application works, why don’t you use it and become millionaires by trading?
    Our application works, and well. But it provides an indication that must be contextualized in a market. PILLAR, the predictive algorithm, doesn’t signs BUY or SELL but it is a powerful tool in the expert hands of a trader.
    PILLAR for testing gave us a lot of satisfaction in trading and create an app and offer it on the market does not mean that we are selling and we do not use it. In fact, we will continue to use it.
  • CryptoForecast is a signal service?
    No. CryptoForecast is not a signal service.
  • what services does CryptoForecast provides?
    Our service is to provide a useful tool to the professional trader to catch and ride the trend and market reversals, so as to have a risk / reward enviable for those who worked with only the traditional technical analysis.
  • What is the basis of your predition the market?
    Our PILLAR algorithm is based on market cycles. It uses historical data to determine the possible future scenarios. Of course this data is supplemented by mathematical analyzes that are specific for the predictive algorithm.
  • Why have you created a special token for the service?
    We decided to create a token, because we firmly believe it can have an added value, the CFT in itself have the peculiarity to exist for a specific purpose, which would, to sign a contract so taking advantage of the service. In this way we have created an asset that functions both as an asset with a market value, both as a means of payment of the service.
  • If I wanted to pay and I have btc .. do I need the token before paying?
    Of course! The token will be listed as soon as possible on an exchange so you can buy / sell your CFT whenever you want. The quote is an integral part of the operation ICO.
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